A Munchy, Munchery Review

Munchery as an option?

We live about 20 miles south of Seattle, and 15 miles north of Tacoma. Sort of in the middle of two urban areas. (Though Tacoma is minor) This means when we moved, I lost my Amazon Fresh Account (they don’t deliver here), the only pizza delivery is Pizza Hut, and my other delivery choices are very limited. (Though Peking Chef does an awesome job of Chinese food.)

When we got the flyer for Munchery, I scoffed. Would they really come all this way south?  I pulled up the website, punched in our details, added a promo code, and voila, we had dinner.  To give a fair review we ordered twice, 3 different adult entrees, one dessert, one salad and one kids entree.  Here’s how it went.


Ordering experience and Customer Service:

ThankyoumuncheryLooking over the website, figuring out what to order and what everything cost was easy.

Meals changed on a daily basis and ranged from 7.95 to 11.95.  For items low on stock, they indicated the number of dishes left, and show clearly which dishes were sold out.

Our food runner texted me when she left to deliver our food, then again when she was at the house ready to deliver.  (My communication choice was email)

In the bag came a small banana bread and a thank you letter, hand penned. It was a nice choice.

What about the Food:


(This is a meal plus half of a salad.)

Munchery Review Round 1

SteakDiane2 Beet Salad SteakDiane











We ordered Steak Diane, with potatoes and brussel sprouts. It came in a biodegradable package that was both oven and microwave safe.  I popped them into the oven for the reccomended time, pulling the little  sauce container on the counter until the last few minutes of cooking when I added the gravy. Of course it seemed to get sucked up a bit by the packaging and wasn’t really present in the meal.

The potatoes should have browned, had a little crispy carmelization, but they weren’t bad. They also only sent a couple of brussel sprouts. (Like Plated, they must assume people don’t really like sprouts) I was glad I’d added a side salad to round out our plates. The salad was Roasted beets, goat cheese and vinegrette. It wasn’t anything amazingly special, but it was good, and it was resonable at $6.95.

Dessert was a bread pudding that was forgetable. I didn’t take pictures, and can’t remember anything remarkable about it.


Munchery Review  Round 2

For round two, I opted for 2 adult entrees and 1 child’s entree. We don’t have kids, but I figured you’d appreciate knowing what they look like.

Bahnmi Bowl

The Pork Banh Mi bowl came looking pretty good. To warm it up, I microwaved it (because the other entree needed to be microwaved too, and I wasn’t warming up the oven for 1 dish) The spicy sauce with it was good and offered a great bite to balance the slaw and savory pork. The egg wasn’t soft, but didn’t over cook too badly in the microwave.  How do you warm up a pre-prepared egg and get a soft yolk?

The  Children’s Honey Mustard Meatloaf and Indian Butter Chicken were less spectacular.

MeatloafThe meatloaf looks ok, and it had decent flavor, if a little bland. Perfect for kids. (Or cats, as ours got to sample this one. )

The only weird thing? Those bliss potatoes in the background.  They were the smallest potatoes ever and they were all dried out and some were actually black. I don’t know if they were purple potatoes that they tried to make kid friendly or if Potatoesthere was something else going on with them.

I’ve seen potatoes turn brown when sliced and left out, but nothing like this.

For adults or cats they were fine, we knew what the deal was. For kids? yeah they’d turn their nose up at weird brown potatoes.


20160311_185926That brings us to my butter chicken. It came in plastic containers that would not go in the oven and looked a lot like typical take out. There wasn’t any magic too it. The butter chicken was a little greasy and bland. The dish had indicated it would be spicy, and the cucumber salad had a bit of a kick, but the curry had none on its own. Overall the dish was meh, and I won’t order it again.

(So much for my dreams of getting Indian Food delivered.I’ll just have to wait on the East India Grill to offer delivery)


Bottom Line:

  • Convienence : All I have to do is order by 1pm to get dinner that night. It’s not as quick as Pizza Hut, but it’s not waiting a week and I don’t have to cook.
  • Cost: Cheaper then going out to a resteraunt for the same meal. Oh! There is also an $8.95 subscription/month fee for using the site. This seems odd, but the first month is free.
  • Quality: The food was good, fresh and great quality. Just a few things didn’t work out for us.

I’ll be ordering again, happily. It’s a nice treat for a Friday night in and lets me have good food without messing up the kitchen.  (I  really want to try their hamburger, though I wish there was a no-bun option.)

Want to try it? Use this link and we both get $10 in credit.






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