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Pike Place Market is a Seattle institution. Tourists flock to the market  during the summer. Exploring the market  they dig through shops, buy fresh produce, sample the wares of the vendors. They buy tchotchkies and take home Wistfully they say “I wish I could shop here every day!” Pike Place Market is a lie. Most Seattleites don’t shop at the market on a regular basis. It is often a tourist attraction we only pull out when we have friends and family in town.*

It’s a great place to visit

The market has restaurants, entertainment, waterfront views, snack vendors, exotic grocery vendors. There is fresh fruit, yogurt, butchers with meats, homemade pickles. There are crafters with Pacific NW themed gifts. (Mt St Helens ash sculptures for example).

Sounds fantastic right?

But if you live here

It is a challenge to visit Pike Place Market, if you don’t work downtown. You have to go on the weekend, the market closes at 6pm. You have to find parking or take public transit. When you’ve gotten your groceries, you have to carry them around with you until you are done.  If you’re going to 4-5 shops, you’re navigating crowds with your meals on your back. If you  eat meat or are buying dairy, you have to stop there last.

But lets change that perspective.

Let’s Explore Pike Place Market

For 2017, I’m going to go to the market once a month. We will visit local shops for groceries. I’ll pick up seasonal veg, exotic spices, local meats. I’ll share how I get to the market and take pictures of what the market looks at each stage of the year.

We’ll go home them, taking our wares with us, and make a meal. I’ll share the recipes I use and sit down with friends of family over a locally sourced, well thought out dinner.


What do you think? Are you in?


*With more people living downtown, this is changing. More folks are shopping at the market, but the truth of the matter is, if you live in the burbs or one of Seattle’s neighborhoods outside of downtown, you’re likely not coming down for your regular grocery shopping.

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