I’m on a mission for Pizza

A Pizza Parlor Experience?


I grew up in the 1980s, when Parlor culture was king. As a kid we didn’t go out to eat often, but when we did pizza was often on the menu. The choices varied, from thin crust square cut  at Alex and Aldo’s in LaGrange (Now Closed) to Home Run Inn after softball games to Edwardo’s on special occasions.

Most often? It was simply Pizza Hut. We’d order a few large pies, depending on who was with us, make our way to the salad bar for a round of salad then have a fresh hot pizza delivered to the table. We sat together, dug in and enjoyed it. The cheese was strechy, the sauce was piping hot and the crust was crunchy/chewy in all the right places.

Delivery  doesn’t stand a chance against a freshly made pie , hot from an  oven. Even a frozen cooked and consumed at home can’t light a candle to it.

So I’m on the search, for a real parlor experience. I want to sit at a table with a little metal  stand, I want it hot, fresh and melty delivered fresh from the oven. The crust should be crispy, the cheese molten, the toppings fresh and flavorful. I want an experience, not just a meal. I want to capture a little of my childhood.

Bonus points if it comes with video games.


So we tried Athens Pizza and Pasta in Auburn. The pizza above came to our table, fresh  hot and… a little bit soggy. Possibly because we chose one with a load of toppings, possibly because they are better known for their Grinders. As we walked in we saw lots of full tables, but not a single pizza in site.

In the end it was good, but it wasn’t the pizza parlor experience I was looking for.

If you are on the south end of Seattle (Between Renton and Tacoma) please send me your reccomendations.


The sooner this quest is complete, the happier Mike will be.


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