It’s Simply Barbecue (Jack’s in Seattle)

I knew I was in trouble when the salad arrived.20160226_125056

At least, I assumed it was a salad when I poked my fork at the mass of bacon and dressing before me. Mike and I were headed down to the Home Show, as new homeowners do. You know, to dream of bigger kitchens and fancy spas too big for the backyard. Mike suggested we have dinner before we hit the show, convention center food is never amazing, and always overpriced.

We pulled into Jack’s¬†and had a short wait because of the lunch time crowd, a good sign in this part of the city.

Jack’s does BBQ and does BBQ proud. The place has a rustic feel to it, not too fancy, not too hipstery, but managing to be a little of both. Lots of plywood, chairs that would feel at home in your dad’s old basement bar, and rusted metal signs showing a little bit of texas flair.

Texas, right. Jack’s does a Texas style barbecue, slow smoked meats, minimal sauces, rubs that enhance the meat, and nothing that overwelms it. Someday I’ll tell you all about the United States of BBQ.

I oggled the menu, and picked out a pickled egg, a wedge salad and a 1/4 lb of the smoked brisket, on the fatty side for flavor. (It takes energy to walk that home show). Mike ordered a sausage platter, two sides of mac and cheese and a fresh pile of jalapenos. We shared a rib tip appetizer, start the show.










Mike is usually patient as we wait, and I take pictures. Not this time. This crunchy/chewy/juicy rib tips were too hard to resist.



20160226_125719 20160226_125723







Of course we sat near the back to peer out the window at the guys doing the hard work. It’s good to see that at it’s core, it’s all about a big piece of meat, a big fire, and someone watching carefully over them both.



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