A visit to Olympia Provisions (A new hobby)

Olympia Provisions


When we visited Portland last week, we made a stop at Olympia Provisions. I’m not sure my traveling companion, Kim, realized what a treat it was for me. Olympia Provisions is on the for front of what I consider the new charcuterie movement. It’s about taking local products, treating them with care and creating amazing hand made goods.


A Lunch Spread

Pictured here is almost the entire Mid-day menu. Descriptions from the website:

PORK RILLETTES HAND PIE, pickles, mustard

PORK FRANKFURTER, ketchup, dijon, onions, relish on a soft bun

SWEETHEART HAM SANDWICH, bread and butter pickles, butter, dijon on brioche

MID DAY CHEF’S CHOICE CHARCUTERIE: daily selection of three meats, bread, pickles 

MID DAY CHEESE BOARD: chef’s choice of two cheeses, crostini 

STEAK TARTARE*, olives, parsley, shallot, egg yolk*, toasted baguette 

Our review

The best thing we had was the pork rillettes hand pie, centered in the picture, served on the small board with pickled cauliflower. It was simply savory pork rilletes surrounded in puff pastry

The pork frankfurter had a great snap and smokey flavor. Topped with the classics, it came up a close second for me.

The charcutiere choices included pork rillettes, a pork pate and   a sausage (either Salchichon| Spanish style | paprika, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg or NOLA | Italian style | black pepper, chili flake, allspice). The sausage was fabulous, and the pork was good. The pate was overshadowed by the previous too.

Steak Tartare is an underestimated dishes, and this one was fabulous. The egg yolk was unctuous and coated our tongues as we savored the meat. It could have used something, either a little acid or maybe a little salt. We didn’t agree on which would be better.

The cheeses weren’t anything amazing for us, the raisin chutney that came with was the perfect accompaniment for a number of the other dishes.

The one dish we weren’t into, the sweetheart ham sandwich, was improved with a bit of the chutney and a little of the coarse grain mustard.


They have cookbooks.

The Olympia Provisions cookbook is one of the many on my shelf, but it’s more then just a cookbook, it’s the start of a new hobby.  The Olympia Provisions book isbig on theory for those who want to try out sausage making or charcuterie.


A New Hobby

At Christmas I used my Trager and an Amazen to make smoked  cheeses as Christmas gifts. Beef Jerky is next, and with these resources in hand I see making my own version of their frankfurters and kasekrainer in my future.



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