Whole Food Weight Watchers Challenge

Whole Foods Weight Watchers Challenge








I’m currently hosting a Facebook group for women on Weight Watchers.

We are focused on the Weight Watchers lifestyle choices while eating whole foods. We eat lean meats, fresh vegetables, whole grains, full-fat dairy. This means no support for support fat-free/sugar-free processed foods.  Your food needs to have nutritional value. A sugar-free brownie made with brownie mix and soda pop doesn’t have value.
Food substitutes like Halo Top are great, but we want to be able to eat ice cream in a non-Halo Top world. You need to know what a reasonable portion size looks like and how it fits into a healthy diet.

On March 25th, I kicked off a Whole Foods Challenge, with Menus and Recipes.

Want to play along?

Here are the menus and recipes for the first 2 weeks. Enjoy !


Menus – March Menu 1

Menus – March Recipe 1

Menus – March Menu 2

Menus – March Recipe 2


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